Private Equity

Driving fundamental improvements in businesses over the long term.

Understanding Private Equity

Public Markets are a Shrinking Universe

The number of public companies has continued to shrink, making it harder to access the full investible universe.

Source: World Development Indicators. CAGR stands for Compound Annual Growth Rate. Data as of December 2019. Reflects most current available data as of October 2022.

Private Markets Have Outperformed

Over the long term, private equity strategies have outperformed the public markets. These returns have come from driving improvements in the underlying business, a long-term focus and the ability to control when to exit the investment.

Source: Cambridge and Morningstar, 2021. Private Equity is represented by the Cambridge US Private Equity Index, composed of growth and buyout funds. Public Equities is represented by the S&P 500 Index. Growth of $100,000 is based on quarterly returns over the the 15-year period from 1/1/2007-12/31/2021. Past peformance is not indicative of future results.

Why Private Equity with Blackstone

We play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential. We uncover and unlock value by identifying great companies with untapped potential and enhancing their performance.

Real Estate

Real estate has historically offered current income to investors and may appreciate in value over time


An attractive alternative investment for investors looking for yield


Once a niche, secondary private equity has grown into an evolved asset class

Intro to Alts

Gain a better understanding of private market investing with an overview of key concepts

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