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Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions has been partnering with financial advisors for over a decade, harnessing the power of private market investments for their clients.

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Update from Jon Gray: Investing Before the All-Clear

Delivering for advisors and their clients

Private Wealth Solutions offers financial advisors the same discipline and foresight, that Blackstone has brought to institutional investors for nearly 40 years.

We equip advisors with differentiated solutions designed by leading investment teams, so they can help individual investors achieve their goals.

Achieving more with private markets

Why do some of the best performing portfolios belong to university endowments? Joe Dowling, who managed a top-performing endowment before joining Blackstone as Global Head of Blackstone Alternative Asset Management, says there’s no magic formula—but there is a method.

Institutional quality products for individual investors

We’ve built our flagship products, BREIT and BCRED, with the needs of individual investors in mind.


Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust

Non-Traded REIT

Primarily investing in stabilized commercial U.S.-based real estate properties diversified by sector with a focus on providing current income to investors.


Blackstone Private Credit Fund

Non-Traded BDC

Seeking to generate income by focusing primarily on loans and securities of U.S. private companies.

The power of Blackstone

We want to be an authoritative resource for information and insight, making Blackstone and alternatives accessible to a wider audience of investors.

Joan Solotar

Global Head of Private Wealth Solutions

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